Welcome to KC Cavaliers.  This is Noel's Story

Five years ago I was on the Humane Society website when I found the most Beautiful Cavalier King Charles little boy. His name is Charlie, and he was about 7 months old then. A couple had purchased him and then was unable to take care of him, so they gave Charlie to the Humane Society. 
I rushed down to inquire how to purchase and most of all meet him. When they brought him into the room, Charlie walked around in a circle, then jumped into my lap and wrapped his arms around mine.It was Love at first sight. I was told that there was a waiting list and they had to call from the list first, and they would let me know the outcome the next Morning.That Tuesday morning, I could not wait any longer so I called The Humane Society and to my surprise I was told that he was being bathed and tattoo for me to bring home that afternoon. On January 28, 2002 was the beginning of our new life. One year later we decided to purchase another King Charles puppy for Charlie. My Charlie was starting to become a couch potato. I was out shopping one day when I walked into this Puppy store and fell in love with this little 5lb, 8 month old little Cavalier King Charles girl.

The day I was to bring her home she had this terrible cough. The owners of the pet store told me that she had a mild case of Kennel Cough, and to continue giving her this medicine. I was told by the owner of the Puppy store that Kennel cough is common and not to worry. The next day I call the owner of the Pet store back to inform them that little Noel was getting worse. I took her to the Vet they use and I had to leave Noel there for the day. Noel needed to be on a respirator and oxygen. Her lungs were so full of mucus. Little Noel was a very sweet loving and Sassy girl. When she was 2 years old she started developing blood clots in her pulmonary artery. We were not aware of this until one night she was having very difficult time breathing, we rushed her to the animal hospital where she was kept alive in an oxygen bed. My little Noel was suffocating to death. X-ray’s were taken to find, that she had a large mass around her heart. She had to stay there until morning when her vet opened. We ended up rushing her from the after hour hospital to a local animal hospital where she had to stay for twelve days.