Noel's Story (rest)

She was stabilizing by taking several different medications, and Viagra. Yes, Viagra, this kept the blood flowing through her heart. For 3 months she was doing well. We thought she was overcoming this. Then, on January 4, 2007, when she came upstairs, she just fell over. She was having trouble breathing again. We rushed her to the Hospital they did everything they could to keep her alive. The Doctors at the hospital suggested that I come to visit her. They had to sedate her so she would not get too excited. When I went back to see her, her little body was in an incubator. She was being kept alive with respirator, IV's and oxygen. I put my hand through the opening to pet her, when she realized that I was there she raised her head up and put it in my hand. I stayed there with her for awhile. I got my hopes up that she was going to pull through. I left and went back home. 2 hours later I received a call telling me that she had died. Even though the pet store gave me papers stating she was a purebred, I was not able to register her. At the time, not being fully educated, I thought Puppy Stores were legitimate. My Precious little Noel really came from a “Puppy Mill”. My family's heart was broken. Noel had all of the Best Specialist taking care of her and we spared no cost, still we could not save her life. Because of our experience and loss I, we my husband Hank, and my son Michael decided to start breeding our line of Cavalier King Charles. We do not want anyone going through the heartache that we did, watching her die, and not able to help her. So, KC Cavaliers is in Noel's honor. And with that, may we put close another puppy mill! The puppy store where we purchased Noel has now been closed! People do not realize just exactly where their cute little puppy comes from. Puppy stores do not tell the truth. I am a victim of one.

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